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Monet Of The Mountains

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What’s on Your Walls ? 

Does your artwork need an upgrade?  If you have a gorgeous  house or office, then you need gorgeous artwork.

We specialize in original mountain landscape fine art


Memories Of The Mountains

Terry Ouimet

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Daniel Smith

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Daniel Smith

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 Mountain Impressionist

These bold, thick, beautiful original oil paintings are created right here in the Rocky Mountains. Terry selectively puts a limited number of original paintings on the market each year. Acquire your own unique memory of Colorado and elevate your decor today

Original Oil Paintings

Original oil paintings created “plein air” or on location create a unique authenticity and vivid portrayal of what its like to be in that beautiful place .


Limited Edition prints of original oil paintings at affordable prices

Private Commissions

Create your own personal one of a kind oil painting with Terry for your home, office or as a special gift.

Authentic fine art mountain landscapes

Specialty: Landscapes.Mountain Impressionist. Monet Of The Mountains

This is where I live, play and paint.


Highest quality of craftsmanship

Medium: Professional Artist Grade Oil paint

Training: 1) Art Students League of Denver.  2) Apprenticeship in Russion Impressionism. 

Original Colorado home and office decor

Method: Plein Air, painted on location. Thick, bold impressionistic brushstrokes

Private commissions 

Learn more about how to commission Terry for your unique fine art memory of Colorado


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